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Wang Rou Yi - Hot Lingerie Angel
Popular Chinese model and internet celebrity Royi Wang Ruo Yi 王若伊 has finally updated her MOKO page with her latest photos. Meanwhile, I’ve also found more hot lingerie pictures of Wang Ruo Yi on the photographer’s MOKO page.


[Image: Wangruoyinew5.jpg]

In the first photo shoot, Wang Ruo Yi wears two different lingerie sets. The black lingerie photos were taken in a small studio, whereas the white lingerie pictures, similar to the last Wang Ruo Yi post, were shot in a lovely cosy room.

The beautiful red gowns and dresses with shining jewellery photos of Wang Ruo Yi were promotional shoots with Studio 7. Unlike those cute self-taken photos of this popular model, Wang Ruo Yi actually looks a little different and more mature than before.

[Image: Wangruoyinew7.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew6.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew3.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew2.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew9.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew8.jpg]
[Image: Wangruoyinew4.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_017.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_016.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_015.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_018.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_019.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_013.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_012.jpg]
[Image: Wang_Ruo_Yi_Red_Dress_014.jpg]

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