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Wang Ying - Fierce Xmas Transformation
It’s been quite a while since we last posted about this lovely Chinese girl Anata Wang Ying 王颖. Wang Ying is a new model working for the popular Chinese fashion magazine Ray Li. Wang Ying is also the runner-up of Kanebo Ray Li’s 8th Cover Girl Competition.
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_014.jpg]

Starting her modelling career, Wang Ying has taken some really nice and lovely nightwear photos. Compared with her fellow model Ayuki Huang Mei Xi, Wang Ying is much younger and fresher. For a sexy and mature transformation, Wang Ying has taken a set of hot Christmas photos which surprised many Wang Ying fans. This Chinese babe has never looked so tall and fierce before. Hooray for a new stage in Wang Ying’s modelling career!
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_015.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_017.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_019.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_018.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_0111.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_0110.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_012.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_013.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_011.jpg]
[Image: Anata_Wang_Christmas_016.jpg]

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