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Zheng Yi Fei - Sexy Lingerie Photos
Like Phoebe Jiang Yi Han, Daimi Zheng Yi Fei 郑伊菲 is another mixed Asian beauty who has a killer body and an attractive face. During her career, Guangzhou babe Zheng Yi Fei has worked as a car show girl, TV host and football babe for the 2010 UEFA Champions League and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
 [Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_7.jpg]

For being so hot in bikini and costumes, Zheng Yi Fei is also one of our Top 10 Sexiest Chinese Models in Bikini and Top 10 Sexiest Chinese Models in Costumes. Now what we need are sexy lingerie photos of this hot Asian girl. The followings are a few different lingerie sets of Zheng Yi Fei, which I found in the photographer’s MOKO page.

[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_8.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_6.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_9.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Fashion_0122.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_2.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_3.jpg]
[Image: Zheng_Yi_Fei_Lingerie_4.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng2.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng21.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng16.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng15.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng22.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng19.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng28.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng1.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng12.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng23.jpg]
[Image: DaimiZheng14.jpg]

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